An Overview of Matrix NAC’s Power Delivery Solutions

Behind your simple light switch is a complex electrical network. First, energy is created at a generating site or power plant. From there, it travels through a grid of electric power transmission lines to an electrical substation. At the substation, transformers change high voltages to lower ones for distribution. Distribution lines take the energy from the substation to homes and businesses. Within each home or business, electrical wiring takes power to outlets, sockets and systems. An outlet might be used to power life-saving equipment in a hospital. An overhead light could illuminate an artist’s studio. HVAC systems can provide cool air to a server room or your bedroom, all thanks to electricity.

Without structures such as high-power transmission lines, power transmission towers and substations, electrical power transmission & distribution would not be possible. If a disruption occurs, the impact of power loss is felt immediately. More than a minor inconvenience, an interruption in service can spell disaster if backup systems are not in place. That’s why it’s so important that power transmission components are built with an unwavering commitment to quality.

Within transmission, we can help build overhead and underground lines. Additionally, we can assist with line relocation and reconductoring. Whether you are building new or replacing existing equipment, we can build wood, steel and steel lattice poles or towers.

Matrix NAC builds and maintains the critical infrastructure that supports the energy industry through the direct hire of union labor in North America. Capital projects, maintenance and storm and emergency response have long been considered our area of expertise. At Matrix NAC, we work with utility companies in all phases of electric power transmission and distribution.

We provide comprehensive services for your substations. We excel in greenfield construction or rebuilds or maintenance and expansion projects. We can help handle the transportation and installation of major substation components. We have experience in gas-insulated substations (GIS) and gas-insulated switches. Static VAR compensators are also within our area of expertise.

Our team can help upgrade digital controls, replace main power transformers, or revamp existing security systems, to provide a few examples. Our experience is not limited to one type of power generation, instead, our capabilities extend to gas-fired, nuclear and industrial power generation.

Matrix NAC can implement project planning, construction and maintenance solutions for smart grid optimization. We specialize in instrumentation, control systems and copper or fiber optic cable systems.

Finally, you can count on Matrix NAC in an emergency. We have experienced line crews available 24/7 to mobilize and respond to storm damage. Our offices are strategically located across North America to serve you and your customers better.

It’s easy to see why Matrix NAC is the contractor of choice for your power delivery systems. Our breadth of capabilities meets the needs of nearly any electric power delivery project. Our commitment to quality and safety will see that every project is completed at the highest standards.

Together, we can partner to power progress. Contact us to begin a partnership with Matrix NAC today. Learn more about our storm response to Hurricane Sandy or take a look at this project we completed for Florida Light & Power.