Bridgeport Harbor Unit #5 Centerline & BOP

“I wanted to take a moment to recognize the work Billy McMullen has done here at Bridgeport Harbor. The work lists that he has created has made this job much more efficient that we are accustomed to. Our technical requirements were consistently made more effective with helpful suggestions and efficient execution. The record keeping and data sheet experience has been positive as well.

GE and Matrix mechanical interacted through Billy throughout the entirety of the project. Every step of the way he has shown integrity, hard work, patience, and a level of quality that is above and beyond what is expected. Not only has he performed his scope of work, he actively would learn and present new ideas to the GE team that would save time and money for Matrix and GE. Billy was always able to make safety a top priority and inspired that in those who worked with him.
It was a pleasure to work with Billy McMullen, and I hope GE and Matrix have the opportunity to work together in the future.”