Integrated Approach for Substation Construction & Maintenance

Ensuring a successful substation design project requires more than a great set of plans. An electrical substation contractor must consider constructability, material delivery, and staging as well as the overall construction schedule. Plans, schedules, supplier data, standards, and regulations provide
the information that guides the construction of the substation.

Managing the workforce is also important. The contractor’s team must identify the specialized skills required for the project, hire the appropriate amount of workers, and manage their work. This is no easy task. Some of the work on an electrical substation is highly specialized.

Additionally, the supervisor must make sure his team complies with OSHA and union regulations mand requirements. The team must also make Health, Safety, and Environmental (HSE) policies a top priority. Eliminating accidents is critical to the safety of the workforce.

Quality assurance throughout the construction phase is another important aspect. All work must be inspected for quality, safety, and compliance with regulations. One way to safeguard the quality of your components is to complete fabrication off-site. Fabrication can be carefully monitored at a
controlled facility.

Finally, project budgeting is a critical component of a successful project. Budgeting is important during the procurement processes and also throughout the construction. Unexpected delays or project changes can cause labor costs to soar. Staying within the budget is paramount to any large capital project.

As you can see, there are a lot of moving parts to a successful substation construction project. It is up to the skill of the contractor to synthesize all of the data and run a smooth project. An experienced construction contractor like Matrix NAC brings an entire team of professionals to every
substation project.

Matrix NAC is a Direct-Hire Electrical Substation Construction Contractor
As a direct-hire contractor, we are committed to safety, integrity, and longstanding union relationships. We leverage our large network of strategically located specialty subcontractors to support the execution of discreet scopes of work to better serve our clients. Through our sister subsidiary, Matrix PDM Engineering, we are also equipped to offer substation design services for an integrated approach to substation design and construction.

Matrix also provides the utmost quality components through our in-house fabrication services. We have more than 25,000 square feet of space within our Hammond, IN, fabrication facility.

With unparalleled construction experience, we are well-positioned to help extend the life and value of your substation facilities by offering maintenance, modification, and repair services. Our highly-skilled craft employees are strategically located across North America to respond quickly for emergency
repairs due to equipment failure or severe weather. Countless organizations partner with Matrix for quality construction and repair services. Put our standard to the test and see why 75% of our business comes from repeat clients.

Contact us today to learn more about our power delivery solutions.

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