Matrix NAC: A Company Guided by Core Values

At Matrix NAC, our work is guided by a set of core values. We operate at a higher standard, that is recognized by our people, our clients, our vendors, and the community. These six values are embedded in our company culture from the inside out. Each member of our team, whether they are in the office or in the field, direct-hires or contractors, are expected to demonstrate a commitment to safety, integrity, positive relationships, stewardship, community involvement, and delivering the best.

Commitment to safety

We endeavor to create a zero-incident environment through leadership and teamwork. Safety is more than a buzzword at Matrix NAC, it’s an integral part of our work culture and a program that everyone
participates in. We do not cut corners when it comes to safety. We are diligent about addressing safety issues as they arise because recognize that when we achieve excellence in safety, we’re best in class at
everything we do.


To us, integrity means doing the right thing every time, ethically and honestly. Our words and actions create a reputation that follows us and we value our reputation for being trustworthy. Our employees,
our clients, and our community need to trust that we will act in accordance with our values. We believe this is the core of great leadership.

Positive Relationships

Forging positive relationships is about more than a friendly face. It means being respectful, promoting collaboration, and building lasting relationships. We strive to treat every person with respect, whether
it’s a delivery person or a senior executive. Through positive relationships, we’ve developed cohesive teams that can be trusted to deliver the best products and service to our clients.


Stewardship means safeguarding all that is entrusted to us. As an oil and gas contractor, we treat the company’s resources as we would our own. We don’t just maintain resources, we make improvements
and give the client back a better product. We strive for environmental stewardship from the planning through the execution phases of our work. We operate with a pack-in, pack-out mentality – leaving nothing behind except an improved product.

Community Involvement

Making a difference in the communities where we live and work is a passion for us. We believe it is our responsibility as corporate citizens to give of our time, our money, and other resources. We strive to
understand where our footprint is geographically and respond to the needs of our community through partnership with community organizations. We often collect food and toy donations during the holidays, support charitable walks, and donate our labor and materials as we are able.

Deliver the best

We strive for excellence in all we do. Our vision is to be a world-class provider of quality construction services and products to the markets we serve. We achieve this by attracting, retaining, and developing
our employees to be the best in everything they do. Our work has our name attached to it and we want Matrix NAC to be associated with the best.