Matrix NAC responds to Hurricane Dorian destruction

In late August, one of the most powerful hurricanes ever recorded hit the Bahamas leaving massive destruction in its wake. Continuing its path, Hurricane Dorian made its way to the eastern United States coastline in early September.

In preparation for the hurricane, the states of Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina and Virginia declared a state of emergency. Several coastal counties issued mandatory evacuation orders to ensure the Matrix NAC responds to Hurricane Dorian destructionsafety of civilians.

Prior to the destruction, multiple Matrix NAC crews were deployed to various areas expected to be affected by the hurricane. The Columbus, OH crews were sent to assist Florida Power and Light, the Pittsburgh, PA crew was sent to Tampa Electric Company and Atlantic City, NJ crews were sent to Duke Electric Florida, all through mutual assistance calls to the utilities they work on.

Matrix NAC responds to Hurricane Dorian destructionWhen it was announced that Hurricane Dorian had changed its course, the Pennsylvania and New Jersey crews were released while the Ohio crews continued to Florida Power and Light. The remaining crew stayed through the hurricane and helped restore power to the estimated 70,000 homes affected by the disaster. Although isolated areas on the mainland were heavily affected, fortunately, most of the area sustained minor damage.

The New Jersey crews were released and arrived back home Sunday night on September 1st. The next morning, their assistance was requested once again by Duke Energy North Carolina. While others were preparing for their Labor Day holiday, our crews mobilized again to reach North Carolina ahead of Dorian. Once the storm passed, Matrix crews were sent to the affected areas and helped restore the estimated 46,000 customers affected by the storm.

All crews received multiple statements from their respective utilities regarding the communication, timeliness, safety and productivity of the workers. The crew did an excellent job of representing their host utilities, Matrix NAC and their unions.

Matrix NAC lineman Dan Feeney was on site with the crew in Florida.

“The customers along the coast were very fortunate. This storm had a high potential for severe damage and luckily stayed just far enough away. Our crews would rather not see the destruction that can happen but are always prepared to help when there is a need,” said Dan.

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