What is EPC in the oil and gas industry and why does it matter to your business?

EPC (Engineering, Procurement, and Construction) is a contract-based project delivery model. Oil and gas companies often rely on EPC contractors for large-scale and long-term projects that require skilled labor and fine-tuned project management. Broad-based industry experience equips Matrix NAC to prepare detailed project execution plans for oil and gas, and see those projects through to completion. Our oil and gas project management expertise includes pre-project planning, utilization of work face planning, maximal use of modularization, and accountability to intra-project clients and stakeholders. At the end of the EPC  contract, the completed project is handed over to the end-user or owner.

Whether it’s extracting, transporting, or storing oil and natural gas, our EPC services can streamline the infrastructure projects needed to keep your business moving. Here are 3 ways our EPC contracting services  add value to your business and continuity to your construction projects:

Our Matrix PDM Engineering Division is a top tier oil and gas contractor. Across our divisions, we have led national and international​ ​oil and gas engineering projects. We recently completed a turnkey storage tank expansion project in New Jersey, the scope of which included all civil engineering as well as environmental engineering for stormwater collection and pumpout, fire protection, liners, dikes, and containment.

Our multidisciplinary team of engineers design to the highest standards of quality and innovation. We specialize in design plans for aboveground storage tanks, natural gas processing facilities, power generation environmental controls and material handling, and industrial power distribution. Our engineering lays the groundwork for your critical infrastructure projects to come to life.

The value of the EPC contractor is in our ability to serve as the single point of contact for vendors and contractors. We understand procurement procedures in oil and gas and are poised to deliver materials on-time, on-spec, and on-budget. When Matrix NAC was awarded a retrofit flue gas desulfurization project,  we were faced with the largest monolithic concrete pour in our company’s history. We were tasked with placing 8,200 cubic yards of concrete at an average rate of 222 cubic yards per hour and installing approximately 740 tons of rebar. Our ability to coordinate closely and effectively with subcontractors,  suppliers, building trades, and engineers allowed us to see this project through to a successful end.

Your critical infrastructure projects demand the most skilled craftsmen and we are proud of our direct-hire experience using building trades such as boilermaker, carpenter, linemen, ironworker, millwright, pipefitter,  and more. Beyond our own highly skilled team, we rely on a network of union construction companies for specialty and local subcontracting. A recent tank construction project in Michigan demanded 300,000 direct  Matrix NAC man-hours for construction of five 223′ x 56′ aboveground storage tanks including ringwall foundation and internal floating roofs for each one.

Matrix is proud to be a leading EPC contractor and to provide solutions for executing oil and gas infrastructure projects critical to keeping America moving.