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Energized Services

Safety and quality are at the core of everything we do. Our team of highly trained professionals are here to ensure your project is completed on time, along with a zero-incident safety culture.

Matrix NAC is pleased to offer energized services for critical infrastructure projects. Our team is dedicated to ensuring the safety of your facilities while performing maintenance and repairs on overhead transmission lines ranging from 69kV to 500kV.

With our extensive experience in this field, you can trust us to keep your facilities operational with minimal interruption during the work process – we’ll service or upgrade your lines with no shutdown required, ensuring your facility stays in service.

Also known as barehanding or live-line work, our energized services involve the use of specialized techniques and equipment to maintain, upgrade, and rebuild 69kV- 500kV voltage lines and substations with minimal to zero power interruptions. By bonding our technicians to the line they are working on, we minimize safety risks and provide your critical infrastructure services without the need for a shutdown.


Energized services techniques:

  • Barehand method
  • Hotstick
  • Insulating scaffolding
  • High induction stringing
  • Cable splicing
  • Cable termination
  • Wet and dry washing


Energized services capabilities:

  • Pre-project planning, consulting, and feasibility assessments
  • Maintenance, cleaning, repairs, reconductoring, and rebuilds
  • Replace or upgrade foundations, structures, all hardware, components, and conductor
  • System upgrades and rebuilds
  • System maintenance and emergency outage mitigation
  • Project design, management, and construction (up to 500kV)
  • LineWise Line Lifter system
  • Structure repair or replacement
  • Tower, crossarm, and body extension modifications
  • Insulator replacement
  • Dead-end and sleeve repairs and replacements
  • Spacer and damper installations and replacements
  • Marker ball and bird diverter installations and replacements
  • Jumper and switch repairs and bypasses
  • Switchyard and substation repairs without the need to de-energize
  • Switch, bus, conductor, and hot spot repairs and upgrades

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