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PECO's center point substation

PECO’s Center Point Substation

Location: Lansdale, PA

Matrix NAC was awarded PECO’s Center Point substation installation project in Lansdale, PA.

Matrix NAC installed field steel supports, insulators, bus, CCVTs, and LAs along with the pre-manufactured control house, its internal wiring, the power and control cable (86,500 LF and 2,640 terminations), and tertiary supports.

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Scope of Work

  • Installed field steel supports, insulators, bus, CCVTs, and LAs
  • Installed control house, including internal wiring, 86,500 LF and 2,640 LF power and control cable terminations, and tertiary supports
  • All underground conduits, ground grid, and trench
  • (3) 500kV breakers and (5) switches
  • (3) 230kV breakers and (6) switches

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