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AEP Kyger Creek

AEP – Kyger Creek Flue Gas Desulfurization Retrofit

Location: Cheshire, Ohio

American Electric Power awarded Matrix NAC their Kyger Creek retrofit flue gas desulfurization project. The scope of work included the retrofit of the existing Kyger Creek plant including 2 JBR and stack foundations, FGD building, 2 pump enclosures, oxidation air blower building, underground duct banks, ductwork and utility racks.

Matrix NAC had its largest monolithic concrete pour in the history of the company during this project placing approximately 8,200 cubic yards at an average rate of 222 cubic yards per hour, installing approximately 740 tons of rebar and 890 square feet of formwork. The team worked closely with subcontractors, suppliers, building trades, engineering and owners preplanning and scheduling every step of this process to a successful end.

JBR and stack foundations retrofitted for FGD
buildings retrofitted
cubic yards of concrete placed at 222 cubic yards/hour
tons of rebar installed

Scope of Work

  • Construction
  • Retrofit of existing Kyger Creek plant
  • Largest monolithic concrete pour in the history of Matrix NAC
Monolithic concrete pour

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