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Range Resources Project site

Range Resources & Mark West – Compressor Station – 2009

Location: Pittsburgh, PA

The completion of five compression sites was successfully accomplished because of our ability to meet the aggressive schedule simultaneously and safely. Along with certain subcontractors, the project was completed by providing site preparation, civil, mechanical equipment setting, electrical, instrumentation and piping work for the following gas compression equipment:

•Main compressors
•Gas discharge separators
•Gas suction and discharge meter runs
•Horizontal mist eliminators
•Glycol contactors
•After separators
•Slug catchers
•Air compressor buildings
•Condensate tanks
•Salt water tanks
•Dehydration skids
•Mist traps
•Desiccant dryers
•Vertical separators

In addition, our team provided testing and startup assistance supplementing the owner’s commissioning team. These five sites were successfully completed in five months incident free.

Scope of Work

  • Site preparation
  • Civil
  • Mechanical equipment setting
  • Electrical
  • Instrumentation
  • Piping

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